You can create equipment for your hero and captains in the Forge. Each set of equipment is unique and provides various bonuses to your hero and captains.
In order to create equipment, follow these steps:
1. Click the hammer and anvil icon on the side of the lower game menu panel. This will open the Forge interface:
2. Navigate across the various equipment sets and see what materials you need. In order to create gear, you will need 4 specific materials:
Crafting cost and speed depend on materials that you have chosen. Just click "Create" to start crafting.
Generally, the resulting quality of equipment created is defined automatically depending on craft materials that are available to you - the highest rarity materials are always selected by default. However, you can select items you'd like to use in crafting and so control the quality of the equipment if you research relevant technologies in the Academy:
You should pay very careful attention to items you are using in crafting.
The more materials that you use differ in quality (color), the less are the odds to craft equipment of higher rarity (i.e. per cent chances of crafting an item of a specific color diminish (rise) the more materials used are of lower (higher) rarity: