Might is the stat that best reflects the overall level of your development. It encompasses all of the points you get for upgrading your Hero and Captains, leveling up your buildings and technologies, and claiming achievement rewards.
There is one detail that you need to remember, however: when you upgrade a building or research a technology, the number of points of Might that you get is equal to the difference between the current level and the next level of that building or technology.
For instance, let's say you upgrade the Capitol to level 2:
  • At level 1, the Capitol grants you 2 points of Might.
  • At level 2, the Capitol grants you 4 points of Might.
  • Once you've upgraded the building, you'll see that your Might has only increased by the difference between the number of Might points granted at levels 1 and 2, which is 2 points and not 4. The same logic applies to technologies.

In other words, the Might you get is cumulative: the numbers that you see at the final upgrade level of a building or a technology are the final number of points that will be added to your account once you've upgraded the building to that level.