Our game Community regularly holds special events that allow you to win gold for participating! Events include various challenging tasks to complete, like catchy jigsaw puzzles, challenging cryptograms and crosswords, or battle tactics composition.
Our events will allow you to relax and have a break from the routine of the game. Consider regularly visiting our Community page to be the first to catch the new event!
If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding Community events, please contact us via in-game Support interface, we'd be happy to improve by implementing your ideas!
You can also get some gifts from our Community.  Please note that Community gift links are time sensitive. They are usually active for at most 24 hours after being posted to the Community page.

If you cannot receive the gift, it means the link has already expired. Please use the latest the link posted to the Community page to receive the gift.
Follow these steps in order to claim the Community gift in the mobile app:
1. Click the "Community" tab in the game's main menu:
2. You will be redirected to our Community page. Find the latest gift post and click the link inside.
3. Upon returning to the game, click "Get":
4. If the link within the post has not yet expired, you will receive the Community gift: