If you wish your request to Support to be processed as soon as possible, please take a moment and read these guidelines regulating the ticket content structure and relevance.

Prior to creating a request to Support, please take a moment to browse our FAQ section. It is highly likely that there is an answer to your question within at least one of these articles. Please search your issue by keywords or browse the FAQ by sections relating to your issue.

If you haven't found an answer to your question in the FAQ section, please consider following these simple steps to ensure your ticket is processed as quickly as possible:

  • Your request must be written in a clear and understandable manner, both in terms of language and logical structure.

  • Your request must contain all relevant information to the issue, i.e. the issue must be described in detail as coherently as possible.

  • You should always consider attaching a screenshot to your request that would illustrate the issue, if it is possible (please use any screen capture services available).

  • Your request must not contain any abusive content, e.g. any personal insults, threats or foul language.

  • You should not create multiple requests regarding the same issue, especially if you are using more than one account to contact the Support - this may create confusion and eventually extend your request processing time.

  • You should not create additional tickets to inquire about one request's status - this will not contribute to faster resolution of the issue - once the ticket is answered as "processed by the developers", it means that we will update you on the issue status once it's actually updated.

Please note that if your request does not follow these guidelines, we may take any of the following actions to proceed with your request, all of which eventually extend your request processing time:

  • Require additional information about the issue.
  • Require a screenshot of the issue.
  • Request payment confirmation.
  • Request account belonging proof.
  • Suspend access to Support in case of repeated abuses or foul language.
  • Suspend access to Support in case of repeated neglect of the present guidelines.