These Rules and Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") define the standards of behavior, communication, and acceptable player interaction within the game.
By using the services of the Total Battle game (hereinafter referred to as the "Game"), you confirm that you have read the Rules and Code of Conduct and accepted the terms and conditions stipulated therein.
A post moderation system is used within the game, as well as within other official game channels (groups, discussions, etc.).
Being a member of the community does not entitle you to any rights to the Game's intellectual property in any way.
The following Rules apply to all messages, comments, and channels of communication within the community groups.
If you witness a violation of the Rules or any materials you deem inappropriate, please report this to the administration or a moderator.
Users can get banned from the game for the following violations:
  • Spam or flooding
  • Foul language
  • Using CAPS LOCK
  • Failure to follow good netiquette
  • Infringing confidentiality of personal information
  • Trolling/inciting hatred
  • Provocative jokes and black humor
  • Deliberate provocation, racism, etc.
  • Discrimination
  • Advertising illegal activities
  • Distributing pornography
  • Advertising or submitting links to other games
  • Advertising or submitting links to cheats or third-party programs
  • Fraud
  • Creating petitions or encouraging people to boycott the game or in-game purchases
  • Infringing privacy of communication with the administration or moderators
  • Using forbidden nicknames, signatures, or avatars, including those related to the game or administration
  • Attempting to sell game accounts
Individual cases not covered by the Rules will be considered by the administration separately on a case-by-case basis.
1. Account
1.1 Creating an account similar to the administration accounts (i.e., using the same account name or profile picture) is prohibited.
1.2 Creating multiple accounts in order to bypass game community restrictions or in-game chat restrictions in any way is prohibited. All such accounts will be permanently banned.
2. Prohibited Behavior within the Community
2.1 In any part of the community (nicknames, posts, avatars, quotes, links, profiles, groups), the following are strictly forbidden in any form (direct or indirect, or veiled) :
  • Insults
  • Foul language
  • Threats (or extortion)
  • Profanity
  • Propaganda related to social, racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, or linguistic supremacy and violence
  • Promoting tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, including any reference to them
  • Anything related to pornography
  • Advertising of any kind without the prior consent of the administration
  • Flooding, off-topic posts, arguments between fanatical proponents of radically differing beliefs or opinions, provocation (trolling), spam, or messages inciting hatred
  • Advertising other games
  • Using bright, flickering images
  • Any kind of conflict-provoking materials
  • Calls for game boycotts
  • Mentioning any illegal activities, including software piracy or any third-party intellectual property violations
  • Discussing ways to sell in-game resources or items, including the game's virtual currency, as well as any other ways to improve one's game progress or gain personal financial benefit not related to the game mechanics
  • Posting abusive messages relating any player's sexual orientation
  • Posting NSFW materials
2.2 The following publications are prohibited within the game groups:
  • Posts that make no sense or have no purpose
  • Multiple same-topic posts
  • Posts not related to the subject of the thread
  • Messages consisting only of emoticons
  • Posts containing foul language or any other violations listed in 2.1
2.3 It is strictly forbidden to post personal information about players and/or the community, as well as to distribute the logs of private conversations (from within the game, the community, or any other resources) without the consent of both parties.
2.4 Discussion of the administration's actions. To resolve any issues, please use the following means of communication:
  • A moderator — using private messages
  • Our support service and the administration — via the private message system on social networks or the in-game Support button
2.5 Encouraging other players to violate these Rules and providing links to sites containing resources or programs prohibited by these Rules will be treated by the administration as explicit violations of these Rules and Code of Conduct and dealt with accordingly.
3. Violations
3.1 Any player who violates the Rules for in-game chat will be warned by a moderator. In case of gross or repeated violations, the player's access to chat will be restricted for a period of time, which may vary depending on the type of violation.
3.2 It is up to the Kingdom chat moderator to determine the duration of any ban applied to an offending party.
3.3 In case of repeated or systematic violations of the Rules, the offending party's access to chat may be restricted permanently. Furthermore, in some cases, the offending party's game account may also be blocked.
4. Moderators
4.1 The main task of a moderator is to monitor other Community members' compliance with these Rules.
4.2 Moderators have the right to restrict an offending party's access to chat if they spot any violation of these Rules.
4.3 Users who deem a moderator's decision to be unfair may refer their case to the game's administration. In this case, it is mandatory that the user takes screenshots of the conversation that led to their access to chat being restricted.
4.4 If players within a Kingdom deem that a moderator is abusing their power, the same procedure as in 4.3 shall be followed.
4.5 Players must remember that moderators are volunteers, which implies that they may not always be available.
4.6 If a moderator is not online, but violations are taking place in Kingdom chat, players must take screenshots of these violations and then contact the administration either via game support or via Facebook private messages.
4.7 Hindering communication with a moderator, e.g., blocking private messages from the moderator, is prohibited.
5. Netiquette
5.1 The official language of the game community (i.e., the game's website, community, and other social networks, such as Facebook) is English. If you do not have an English layout for your keyboard, please use the relevant dedicated resources to translate your messages ( This does not apply to Kingdom chat itself.
5.2 Communication shall be based on mutual respect. All members of the community are equal, regardless of their game experience, age, or the number of messages they have posted. Any violations of this principle will be dealt with by the administration and moderators as described above.
6. Administrative Resolution
6.1 By joining the community, players thereby agree to these Rules. Being unaware of the Rules is not a valid excuse for a violation thereof.
6.2 Moderators may edit or delete posts that violate the Rules without notifying the relevant user.
6.3 The administration reserves the right to change these Rules without providing prior notice to the members of the community (but we'll try to avoid this).
6.4 Controversial issues that are not specified in these Rules shall be resolved at the sole discretion of the administration on a case-by-case basis.
7. Neither the administration nor any moderator shall be liable for:
7.1 Any actions of players towards other players. We shall do our best to keep the community a safe and player-oriented environment. However, we shall not be responsible for the independent behavior of any player who seeks to harm another player.
7.2 The administration and/or moderators reserve the right at their sole discretion to deem whether or not players' activities are violations. If either the administration or the moderators fail to prevent or take any other immediate appropriate measures in case of a violation, that does not mean these measures will not be implemented at a later time.