The “Gifts” tab allows you to open clan chests sent by allies.

You can get a chest in any of the following ways:

1. Explore a crypt at 100%.
2. Defeat a heroic monster squad.
3. Get into the top 100 of any tournament.
4. Buy any package on the offers page.

Once you see a new chest in the “Gifts” tab, you only have 20 hours to open it. Otherwise, the chest expires, and you will have to delete it.
Clan wealth is accumulated as members of the same clan open gift chests.

Every 6h 30m, any player ranked “Superior” or higher can send all clan members unique rewards in the form of wealth chests. Their level depends on current clan wealth. However, the reward will not only include the chest for this particular level but also for all previous ones. 

If your clan wealth reaches the maximum level,

your allies will get six chests - one of every quality for each wealth level achieved.
To speed up any process in your city, you can ask clan allies for help. Each allied help accelerates the current process by 1% of the initial construction time. The amount of help requests available depends on your Capitol level. You can increase the amount of help available for particular processes with the help of unique Academy research and Premium: the Great Ruler title grants you five additional help requests for technology research and construction upgrades.

Each allied help grants your clan 100 help points. You can read more about the clan help and clan borders here.
Both you and your clan allies can use each others’ portals on the world map, regardless of whether the portal was open in your kingdom or any other one. The list of open portals is available to all players ranked “Veteran” or higher.

You can read more about portals and how they work here.
Clan Announcement allows any player ranked “Superior” or higher to message all her clan allies’ Journal once every hour. You can also paste event links or coordinates to your announcement. Just so you know, the message cannot have more than 900 symbols.
The reinforcements tab allows any clan member ranked “Veteran” or higher to view all allies requesting reinforcements and send them troops as you want. Note that in order to send or receive reinforcements, you need to build a Consulate.
Raids are a special type of group march designed to attack powerful enemies. They have a limited number of participants, a certain rallying time, and an attack target selected. This mechanic is mainly used in the Rise of the Ancients and Ragnarok events.