The Territory tab allows any Clan member to view all the players whose Cities are currently located on the Clan's territory, even if those players are not members of the Clan.
It also allows any player ranked Superior or higher to kick out unwanted players from the Clan's territory in exchange for 4M Silver. Cities that are removed from a Clan's territory will be teleported to a random location on the Kingdom Map, outside the territory of the Clan that kicked them out.
The limit of your Clan's territory is indicated by its border, which is dynamic and will change over time. The limits of a Clan's border depend on the current level of the border, which, in turn, is determined by the number of help points the Clan has accumulated. Help points are consumed every second to maintain the existing border level. In the Border tab of your Capital, you can view the number of help points needed to upgrade your border level, the rate at which they are consumed, and the corresponding territory that is granted.
The game automatically grants you 30K help points when you finish building the Clan Capital. If this amount drops below 20K, the radius of your territory will shrink to zero, and you will lose all the benefits that the Capital would otherwise grant you.