The Resources tab allows you to analyze Clan resource production in all of the Clan buildings that you've constructed. It also lets you send Dragon Coins to members of your Clan who have won them in tournaments.

The History tab allows you to view who has sent resources to Clan buildings and who has used Clan speedups to accelerate any Clan process.
The following Clan resources are available in the game: Boards, Steel, Cement, Religious Tractates, and Scientific Tractates.

Boards, Steel, and Cement can be used to upgrade Clan buildings. They can be produced by converting primary building resources in Clan Timber Harvesting buildings, Clan Foundries, and Clan Masons.

Religious Tractates can also be used to activate Clan bonuses. You can produce them by converting Food in Clan Temples.

Scientific Tractates are used to research Clan technologies. You can produce them by converting Silver in Clan Universities.

You can build a maximum of three Clan resource processing buildings of each type.

Each of these buildings accumulates whichever resource was sent by Clan members. The consumption and production speed of these structures increase with each level of the building. Map tile bonuses also affect Clan resource production.

As well as by converting primary building resources, you can also obtain Clan resources by defeating heroic monster squads on the Kingdom Map. You can read more about heroic monsters here.