The following is a list of clan resources available in the game: Boards, Cement, Steel, Religious tractates and Scientific tractates.

Boards, Steel and Cement are used to upgrade clan buildings. They are created by conversion of main building resources in clan Timber Harvestings, clan Foundries and clan Masons.

Religious tractates are used to activate clan bonuses.They are created by conversion of food in clan Temples.

Scientific tractates are used to research clan technologies. They are created by conversion of silver in clan Universities.

You can build a maximum of three clan resource processing constructions of each type.

Each such building accumulates the resource sent by clan members, increasing their consumption and production speed with each level. Map tile bonuses also affect clan resource production.

Apart from conversion of main building resources, you can also get clan resources by defeating heroic monster squads on the Kingdom map. You can read more about heroic monsters here.