Being in the same clan allows you to send reinforcements to allied cities given that both you and your ally have built the Consulate.

Clan marches allow you and your allies to attack a target on the world map jointly in a single march. Such an attack increases march time and requires various special clan march speedups to accelerate it, depending on how many players participate in the march. Unlike a regular march, the clan one can only be accelerated 4 times.

You can only create clan marches to attack heroic monster squads or other players, including enemy clan Forts and Capital. Special rewards for defeating heroic monsters, such as gift chests or clan resources, will be credited to the clan on behalf of the player who launched the march.

You can only launch a clan march to another kingdom by opening a portal in it. If the player launching the march has Ayrin avatar, her bonus will not apply to allied reinforcements.

Note that resources looted from other players or monsters will be credited to march participants only after their reinforcements return to their cities. This, however, does not affect experience or conquest points, which are credited instantly. The amount of rewards each march participant gets depends on his contribution to the fight: the more enemy troops you kill, the more rewards you will get.