To teleport the clan to another kingdom, the clan leader would need to use the "clan teleporter to another kingdom" item. Its level should match your current capital level.
Only the clan leader can teleport the clan to another kingdom. Note that using the teleport item will not teleport every clan member to a new kingdom. Rather, it will only teleport the clan leader's city to the selected tile, while all clan buildings, including the capital, will be archived. The leader will then be able to place the clan capital and the remaining buildings at any desired tile within the new kingdom as long as it's not within another clan's territory and far enough from the kingdom's throne.
All clan members must manually teleport their cities to the new kingdom. No 14-day rejoin cooldown will be triggered, i.e., all clan members can join the clan immediately after teleportation.
Follow the steps below to teleport your clan to another kingdom.
  • Click the tile in another kingdom you want to move to, then click "Teleport."
  • Purchase the necessary item and click "Use." The higher the Capital level, the more the teleport item will cost. Recall that this will teleport your city, not the clan capital. 
  • Confirm teleportation to the selected coordinates.

  • The game will restart, kicking everyone from the clan except for you. Once the game reloads, you can place the capital and other buildings on any unoccupied tile within the new kingdom from the construction menu's "Teleport-ready clan territories" section.



If your Capital is being upgraded, it is strongly advised to wait until the construction is over. You cannot purchase the item of the level the capital is being upgraded to, but only of its current level. So, if you purchase such an item while the upgrade is still in progress, then once you finish upgrading the Capital, this item will no longer be available since your Capital level will increase!