In order to increase the amount of your resources, you can build mines on the Kingdom map and then send armies there for harvesting. You can build mines of each of the main building resources, as well as of silver, food and gold. Unlike all other mines, gold ones can be built on any map tile. You cannot build mines on the territory of a clan that you are not part of.

The level of your mines depends on your city’s Capitol level. You can view more details by clicking “Building parameters” in your Capitol’s interface.

In order to build a mine you would need a sufficient amount of Great Architect’s Blueprints. The amount of Blueprints required increases with the mine’s level. You can read more about Great Architect’s Blueprints here [link].

Note that you can only have a maximum of two resource mines built on the Kingdom map simultaneously.

Apart from building your own mines, you can also capture the ones generated by the game. Such mines have lower amounts of resources available and a significantly shorter life cycle on the map. Note that apart from the mines available for construction, the game generates other unique mines, such as Dragon Mounds, Mountains of Gold and Wellspring Ruins that allow you to collect gold and tar respectively. Mountains of Gold are only available for Kingdoms that won the Kingdom Clash.

The base harvesting speed varies depending on the resource. The more precious the resource, the slower the harvesting. The total amount of resources harvested depends on the total load limit of the army in use.