Dragon coins are used to train special monster troops.

Score in the top-100 of global or mini tournaments to earn more Dragon coins. You can also buy them in special offers in the game shop.

Note that Dragon coins that you win in tournaments are considered a clan resource and are added directly to your clan Capital instead of your city with a possible delay of a few days.

You will be able to see the Dragon coins history in the clan Capital "History" section (filter "Dragon coins" instead of "All resources"; it is also possible to get history for a particular player by switching "All players" filter to a particular clan member). Please contact your clan Leader or Superior so that they give your coins out.

If your clan hasn't yet built a capital by the time you score in the top-100 of an event or tournament, then Dragon coins will be credited to the capital once it is built. If you are not in a clan at the time of scoring in the top-100 of an event or tournament, Dragon coins will be added to the Capital of the clan that you join. If the clan that you join hasn't yet built a Capital, Dragon coins will be credited to it once your clan builds one. The same applies to a clan you create.

Note that if you purchase Dragon coins as part of game offers, they will be neither credited to your clan capital, nor directly to your available resources. Rather, they will be added as chests that you should open manually to the "Miscellaneous" section of your Warehouse.