Much like silver, the food is one of the most important resources that strengthens your defenses. Food is used to train certain troops and to upkeep your army. It can also be converted into Religious tractates in clan Temples. Finally, food is used to charge a clan Capital Shield of Peace.

Build and upgrade Farmers’ houses in order to increase production of this resource. You can also harvest resources on the Kingdom map or get resources out of clan gift chests or the ones that are bought in game’s offer shop. Finally, players can exchange resources with each other if they built the Caravan. You can read more about this and other buildings here.

All troops in your city except for allied reinforcements consume food. Note that if the amount of food production is lower than your army upkeep cost, then your food counter will turn red while your city will receive the “Food Deficit” debuff that increases costs of training troops the more, the higher the deficit. If the amount of food in your city reaches zero, your city will receive the “Hunger” debuff that decreases your army strength and health by 25%.