Standard amount of daily jobs that you get after list refreshment is five.

You can increase that number by activating a VIP status. The amount of jobs that you will be given additionally after each refreshment depends on your VIP level

To get more daily jobs you need to have an active VIP status when your daily jobs list is refreshed. 

You can also add new jobs with help of the special item called “Jobs set”. When you use it, you get an additional set of jobs which is equal to the standard one.

The list of daily jobs is refreshed every 3 hours. Once the jobs become available, you can start completing them in any preferred order. You get a new set of daily jobs when the refreshment timer is reset.

Be careful: if you used “Jobs set” but for some reason didn’t manage to complete all of the quests before the refreshment timer was reset, all of your remaining jobs would be replaced by a new standard set allowed by your VIP status level!