The Watchtower is an auxiliary tool that can help you search for various points of interest on the Kingdom Map.
All objects that are present in the Kingdom in which the City is located can be searched using the Watchtower, including:
  • Monster squads
  • Crypts
  • Arenas
  • Mines
To use the Watchtower, you need to activate it first.
To activate the Watchtower, press the round button with the image of a spyglass on the panel at the bottom of the screen and select Activate.
You can enable the Watchtower for six hours, one day, or 30 days.
Once the Watchtower has been activated, you can set search categories. There are two fields in which you can select the types of locations you are looking for and their level range. These fields are located at the top of the Watchtower window, just below the green button.