Regular tournaments are launched randomly, there is no special schedule for them, they do not have specific launch dates and times. 

They can be found under "Coming soon" section in the list of tournaments:


Regular tournaments do not have a special schedule, they are launched randomly one after the other:

  • One regular tournament cannot run twice in a row
  • After the end of one tournament, another random one starts immediately
  • Only one regular tournament can be active at a time

All players participate in the ranking of regular tournaments, each tournament has its own unique rules for awarding rating points. The top 100 players receive rewards at the end of the event.

Rewards for the tournament are credited to your account automatically once you log in to the game. Please note that Dragon coins are credited to the Clan Capital.


List of regular tournaments and conditions for obtaining tournament points:

Tournaments that last 4 hours:

  • Beastslayer - defeat monsters
  • Wargames - defeat other players’ troops 
  • Officer academy - earn experience points with your hero and captains


Tournaments that last 7 hours:

  • Call of duty - train your troops in barracks
  • Hammer and anvil - create equipment in the Forge
  • King’s mercy - send gold ingots to the Royal treasury
  • Regular decrees - complete daily quests
  • Capital challenge - send resources to the clan capital
  • Castle development - build and upgrade buildings in your city
  • Scientific jump - unlock and research technologies
  • Silver rush - collect silver 
  • Points of influence - add VIP points
  • Battle training - hire monsters in barracks
  • Gold rush - obtain gold


Tournaments that last 10 hours:

  • War tools - collect resources on the Kingdom map
  • Crypt raiders - explore crypts and search for rare items
  • Chest pursuit - open clan chests, crypt chests and package offers' chests
  • Alchemistry mastery - collect tar 
  • Gods blessing - revive fallen troops in the Temple