The full list of tournaments

Tournaments in the game are special events with different goals in which you can compete with other players for valuable rewards.

The full list of available tournaments can be viewed here. Please feel free to click or tap on the links to open the full articles:

  • Regular tournaments
  • Events related to troop revival 
    • Sacred Rituals
    • Ruthless Slaughter
    • Thirst for Battle
    • Authority Rush
    • Immortal Essence
  • Global events
    • Clash of Kingdoms  
    • Kingdom Rumble  
    • Clash for the Throne 
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Trade Routes 
      • Epic monster battles  
        • Doomsday
        • Armageddon
        • Arachne's Swarm
        • Hellforge
        • Shadow Invasion
    • And others (see below)
      • Pursuit of Evolution
      • Summon Mastery


Why should I take part?

Scoring in the top 100 of any event grants you various bonuses that allow you to develop faster than other players. Among the valuable prizes are: titles, Tar of various qualities, Dragon Coins for you or your Clan, Captain fragments, and much more.



The division a player is placed into is determined by the level of their Hero, but the range of levels of divisions in different events may differ. 

Divisions in the Triumphal Challenge are determined at the start of the event. After 30 days, the list of participants may differ by 100 or more levels. 


Equal scores in the top 100

In order to win any event, you need to get into the top 100 players in that event. The game allocates each place on the leaderboard to a single player. That is to say, five players cannot occupy the same place on the leaderboard.

If two or more players score the same number of points, the places are allocated according to who registered in the game first.

Whichever player registered in the game first will take the higher place in the ranking.


Pursuit of Evolution

This is a special event for the player's Dragon.

Players need to defeat common, rare, and epic monsters in order to earn Dragon Seals. The difficulty of the goals in this event depends on the level of the player's Hero and Captains.

Dragon Seals can be exchanged for Dragon Orbs, which you need in order to be able to evolve your Dragon. 


Summon Mastery

By completing goals, players earn fragments of a certain Captain. The selected Captain changes with the start of each new event.

Event points are awarded for obtaining Captains or their fragments in the Summoning Circle, which is located in the player's City. By using a regular Summoning Scroll, players get one event point. If they use an Elite Summoning Scroll, they get 10 points.