The Clash for the Throne is held once every two weeks. It lasts for two days and is one of the most important events in the game. The main goal of this event is to choose a new King.


The first day

On the first day, players accumulate Conquest points, and at the end of the day, the top 100 players receive the title of Senator, which gives them the right to vote in the Senate.

To get into the top 100, players need to score as many Conquest points as possible. These points can be obtained by defeating other players' armies or participating in the Shadow Invasion event. They can also be acquired by collecting rewards that contain these points.

  • The higher the level of the enemy troops killed, the more points you will score.
  • Defeating enemy troops in other Kingdoms also earns you points.

At the end of the first day, the top player in the event receives the title of Princeps and gets 25 delegates, while the players in 2nd–99th places receive the title of Senator and get 10 delegates each.

Delegates (votes) are required in order to elect a King.

The Hero Faron grants a +900% bonus to the number of delegates received.


The second day

On the second day, a new King is elected. Only players with the titles of Princeps and Senator take part in this process.

  • Each Senator can vote for himself/herself or for another player.
  • Only one Senator can become King, the one who gets the most votes.
  • The King and Senator titles are active until the results of the next election have been counted.

If multiple Senators have received the same number of votes after the final tally has been counted, a King will not be elected. The results of the vote are sent to all players' Journals.


The King powers

The King has access to the Royal Treasury, where bonuses can be purchased for personal use or for the benefit (or misfortune) of the entire Kingdom.

The King can give assign positive and negative titles to any player in the Kingdom. These titles can either strengthen the player or weaken them.

  • A player can have only one title from this event. If a player has the title of Senator, that title will be replaced by whichever title the King assigns to the player.
  • When the King changes, players' titles remain in effect until the new King demotes them or assigns them a new title.
  • The King can change players' titles an unlimited number of times.