Sacred Rituals

You can recover fallen troops using Sacred Potions.

If you use Sacred Potions to revive troops, you'll get a portion of the Potions spent refunded back to you at the end of the tournament. The more Potions you spend during the tournament, the higher the percentage of Potions that'll get refunded.

In the event window, you can see how many Potions you've spent and how many you'll get back.


Ruthless Slaughter

The currency for reviving troops changes from Gold to Silver. 

During this event, fallen troops can be revived in the Temple using Silver, regardless of whether the unit died while conducting espionage, during an attack, or while defending.

  • Troops who died before the event started can only be restored using Gold.
  • Troops who die during the event can be restored for Silver after the event ends.

Event points are awarded based on how many troops were revived. The higher the level and rarity of the revived troops, the more points you will get. Monsters and mercenaries yield more points than regular troops.


Thirst for Battle

During this event, there is a 50% discount on the cost of reviving troops in exchange for Gold.

Event points are awarded for reviving troops who died during an attack on other players, including during attacks on Cities and resource points that are occupied by opponents.

The discount does not apply to Sacred Potions.


Authority Rush


During this tournament, players get Authority Coins when they revive mercenaries. These Coins can be used in the tournament window to purchase new mercenaries, resources, Clan chests, speedups, etc.

There are always three offers available for purchase, and the list of items can be refreshed. When you refresh the list, all the offers will be replaced with new ones.

You get rank points when you spend Authority Coins to purchase or refresh offers, at a rate of 1:1.  Authority Coins are not transferred from one event to the next.


Immortal Essence

You can earn event points by reviving troops who died either in battles against monsters or in battles against other players. Only troops who die while the event is active are taken into account. Troops can be revived both in exchange for Gold and by using Sacred Potions.

By completing personal goals, you'll get Essence of the Immortals, which can be used to increase the star level of your Captains.


Conquerors' Revival


You can earn tournament points by reviving troops who were killed during attacks on other players.  Troops can be revived both in exchange for Gold and by using Sacred Potions.

By completing personal goals, you'll get Trophy chests and Conquest Points.