During the tournament, Mercenary Exchanges will appear in all Kingdoms. Players will be able to send their Captains to Exchanges in other Kingdoms to buy mercenaries in exchange for Silver.  


You can only send marches to an Exchange if your City has a Caravan building. The march time is two hours if you're not using the Hero Ayrin. 

Finding an Exchange on the map is no easy task: Join player chats about Exchanges and get the coordinates from them, and don't forget to share the coordinates if an Exchange appears near your City. 


Each Exchange has several offers available for purchase. The selection of available offers refreshes every seven hours. Clicking on the Exchange building will show the progress bar:

  • Progress is added after each purchase.
  • When the progress bar has been filled completely, the player who made the last purchase receives a chest for their Clan.
  • Exchanges that have sold out disappear from the Kingdom Map.
  • Each player gets unique offers, but progress in terms of purchases made at the Exchange is shared.


The purchasing process

The player sends a Captain with Silver to the Exchange. The Silver is deducted as soon as the Captain starts the march. 

The new troops are hired at the moment the Captain arrives at the Exchange, and a notification of the purchase will appear in the Journal, showing the number of mercenaries and event points that were acquired. 

The Captain returns to the City with the new mercenaries.

If, for some reason, the troops were not successfully hired, the Silver will be returned to the City when the Captain returns.



Next to each item in the Exchange, you can see the points that you'll get if you make the relevant purchase. The player's ranking will be calculated based on these points at the end of the event.