The Summoning Circle is a structure where you can obtain Captains and Captain fragments. When you have enough fragments of a certain Captain, you can summon the Captain or upgrade their star level to get more bonuses.


To do so, you need to use a Summoning Scroll (a regular one or an Elite Summoning Scroll). There are two options that you can choose from. Regular Summoning Scrolls allow you to use common summons. You have five free attempts at common summons every 20 hours. The time between two attempts is five minutes.

Elite Summoning Scrolls allow you to use elite (or improved) summons. You get one elite summon for free every 20 hours. If you have more than 10 Scrolls, you can use them in bulk, in stacks of 10.

You can get more Scrolls by completing daily quests, purchasing them in the Triumphal Challenge shop, or receiving them as a reward in some tournaments. Lastly, you can get Scrolls as part of the offers on the Sales page.

When you press the Summon button, you receive the rewards automatically. To use the Scroll again, select Restart, and to go back to the Summoning Circle, click Return. When you use 10 Elite Summoning Scrolls in bulk, you receive 10 rewards at a time:

To unlock the Summoning Circle, you need to summon three basic Captains (Aydae, Tengel, and Logos). If you don't have enough fragments to do so, please contact our support team, and we will help you solve this problem.