The Great Hunt is a Clan tournament in which players need to complete contracts involving killing monsters in order to earn tournament points for their Clan. Based on the results of the tournament, rewards are given to the 100 best Clans. If two Clans earn the same number of points, the Clan that scored the given number of points first wins.


The difficulty of contracts depends on the level of your Hero. At the beginning of the event, each player receives 10 contracts, which show:

  • A description of the squad that needs to be eliminated. You can defeat any squad that fits the description; it doesn't necessarily have to be the one specified in the contract. Example: A common undead squad of level 17.
  • The number of points that can be earned by completing the contract.
  • The difficulty of the contract.

Contracts are divided into different difficulty levels:

  • Easy — Two contracts, 100 points each, one for your Hero, and one for a Captain.
  • Medium — Four contracts, 200 points each , two for your Hero, and two for a Captain.
  • Hard — Four contracts, 300 points each, two for your Hero, and two for a Captain.


The difficulty of contracts can be increased. The reward increases with the difficulty of the contract.

When a contract's level increases, it is replaced with a new one of the next highest difficulty. The level increases by one step: Easy -> Medium -> Hard -> Expert.

The entire list of contracts can be refreshed three times per tournament. All outstanding contracts will be replaced with 10 new ones. The points that you earned by completing contracts will be saved.


In battles against monsters that players need to destroy for a contract, there is a personal bonus that will allow you to earn additional Valor and Experience points. The effect of the bonus increases as more contracts are completed.


Clan Leaders can activate an additional bonus for their entire Clan once per tournament. The bonus doubles the effect of the individual player bonus.