This is a Clan tournament in which players join forces to raid Vaults, upgrade artifacts, and then defeat an epic Ancient squad.

The event consists of two parts: "Ancients' Treasure" and "Rise of the Ancients." 

It is available to players who have been in a Clan for at least one day. 

Remember that teleporting a clan to another kingdom will reset your clan membership, effectively restricting your participation in the Ancients' Treasure. Furthermore, you must remain a clan member for 24 hours to participate in the Rise of the Ancients, so rejoining the same clan will still reset your membership time. To avoid these, make sure to teleport your clan before or after either event.


Ancients' Treasure 

Map completion

The first day begins with players seeking to complete the map. Map fragments can only be obtained by completing daily quests. You can claim the reward for a completed quest by clicking on the relevant chest:


Once you have six fragments, you can combine them into one map by selecting Complete on the event screen. The map shows the image of the Vault and a button for locating it. 


The button for locating the Vault gives you the option to select its level. The highest available level is determined by the level of your guardsmen.  

Vaults of level 15 and higher contain Scientific Tractates, which, after a successful raid, will be added to your Clan Capital. 


Creating a Raid

The Find button opens the Kingdom Map and shows you the location of your Vault. You can create a Raid by clicking the Vault: 


In the Raid creation window, you can choose the timeframe within which your clanmates must assemble in your City. You can also select which of your troops will march to the Vault.

  • A Raid can be canceled if you wish to make changes.
  • You can't start a Raid before the selected time.
  • The Raid will be canceled if no players from your Clan join it.
  • Reviving troops that died in Vault Raids is 10 times cheaper than normal.
  • Irretrievable losses of warriors that die in Vault Raids are reduced by half.  


After the Raid is over, all participants receive Ancients' Coins, which can be used to upgrade artifacts. 


Upgrading artifacts

The main outcome of the first day of the event is the upgraded artifacts.

The artifacts determine the epic monster squad that will be summoned on the second day. 

  • Tome of Knowledge (book): Increases the number of Valor, Experience, and tournament points that you can earn by fighting the epic monster squad. 
  • Enchanted Figurine: Increases the number of creatures summoned.
  • Mysterious Clock (hourglass): Increases the time for which the epic squad will be present on the map.



Rise of the Ancients

The second day of the event is when the fight against the epic Ancient squad occurs. 

The Ancient squad can only be summoned by a Clan's Leader and Superiors. The Ancient squad occupies four free tiles on the Kingdom Map. 

The number of summons and the time for which the squad is present on the map depend on the artifacts that were obtained on the first day.

The level and strength of the Ancient squad depend on the troop level of the strongest player in your Clan. In subsequent events, the level you reach is saved between each event and only increases after players have defeated the previous squad. 

Attacking the Ancient squad grants players Golden Guardian points, which count toward personal goals in the event as well as toward quests in the Triumphal Challenge. 

Based on the results of the tournament, the 100 best Clans receive a reward.