There are four seasonal festivals in the game, one for each season:

  • Springfest 
  • Summerfest
  • Autumnfest 
  • Winterfest

Festivals function similarly to one another. You can read about Springfest below.


The event has three types of currencies: 

- Spring Hunt points, which are awarded for killing monsters and assailing Citadels on the World Map. 

- Spring Exploration points, which are awarded for exploring any Crypt. 

- Spring War points, which are awarded for attacking another player's troops. 

These points can be spent to open Springfest chests. Opening these chests will grant you Clan chests and tournament points for the rankings. 

The number of available Clan chests is limited and refreshes daily.

Opening a chest increases its level, which remains increased for three hours, after which the level decreases by one. All chests have seven levels. 

The higher the chest level, the more rewards of higher quality it contains. 

At the event's start, players are assigned to divisions according to the level of their Hero.  

At the end of the event, the top 100 players from each division receive a reward. The rewards include chests of gems, materials, and enchantments: