During the Clash of Kingdoms, players from different Kingdoms do battle against one another. The goal is to capture and hold the banners of players from other Kingdoms.

At the end of the event, the best Kingdoms will receive Gold Ingots for their Royal Treasury.



All Kingdoms are divided into leagues. Kingdoms can only fight each other if they're in the same league. 

The current league and the available opposing Kingdoms can be viewed in the event window or on the Global Map.

Based on the event results, the top two Kingdoms in the event ranking are promoted to the next league, and the bottom two are relegated to the league below. The higher the league, the more personal goals players can have and the more rewards they can earn. 

There is no Might limit within the same league during the event. 


Capturing and holding banners

During the event, players can open portals to other Kingdoms, attack their opponents' Cities, and capture their banners. 

There are two colors of banners: 

- Enemy banners

- Home Kingdom banners 

By opening any City on the map, you can see the banners that are being held within it.

The higher the level of a banner, the more points you get for holding it. The level of a banner is equal to the level of the City's Capitol. Banners appear in Cities when their Capitol reaches level 10. 

With each successful attack you perform, your City will acquire more banners. They can be viewed in the event window or by clicking on your City:  


A player can't use the Shield of Peace if they are holding an enemy banner.  Banners are held until a successful attack is carried out by a player from another Kingdom.  

Stealing banners from players from your own Kingdom is not allowed. 

If your opponent captures a banner from a player from your own Kingdom, the banner can be returned to your home Kingdom by conducting a successful attack.