The Triumphal Challenge is a seasonal battle pass event that continues into a new season every month. It lasts 30 days. Each new Triumphal Challenge season offers new unique rewards.

The event allows users to level up their battle pass by completing various missions.

The more experience and levels you gain, the more rewards you will be able to claim.

There are three types of passes that comprise the Triumphal Challenge pass:

FreeFree Battle Pass
GoldenGolden Battle Pass
EliteElite Battle Pass


The Free Pass allows you to claim its rewards straight away, while the Golden and Elite Passes need to be purchased. You can purchase them separately or in a bundle. The Triumph bundle will grant you extra unique rewards, such as a 30% bonus to Valor and Experience points, access to seasonal missions, and an additional 360K Gold. This bundle will also instantly unlock eight levels of the Triumphal Challenge instantly. Note that the 30% bonus to valor and experience points will not carry over to the new triumphal challenge season.

In addition, claiming rewards grants you a special Triumphal Challenge item that allows you to purchase unique items in the shop.