To level up your battle pass, you have to earn scrolls of triumph.

Scroll of triumph

To achieve each subsequent battle pass level, you need to obtain 30 scrolls. There are two options for how you can obtain them.

Complete triumphal challenge missions

There are three types of missions to complete to obtain scrolls of triumph.

ValorantValorant missions
  • Obtain armor fragments to complete a mission.

Armor fragment

  • Get scrolls of triumph, battle trophies, and valor points as a reward

Scrolls of triumph

Battle trophy

Valor points


Regular mission

Regular Epic mission

  • Explore crypts, train troops, defeat monsters, login to the game, etc., to complete regular missions.
  • If there's an active event where you have to fight an Epic monster, you will see a unique mission yielding more battle trophies and scrolls of triumph.
  • Each day, you get 7 regular missions.
  • If you don't want to complete a mission, you can refresh it to get a new one. Three rerolls are allowed per day.
  • Get scrolls of triumph and battle trophies as a reward.

SeasonalSeasonal missions
  • Complete unique missions till the end of the season.
  • Get more scrolls of triumph and battle trophies


Complete personal goals in various events that involve fighting epic monsters

Multiple global events have personal goals that allow you to get extra scrolls of triumph.

Whenever there's an event requiring you to fight Epic monsters, check out its personal goals.