These Player Community Guidelines (hereinafter Guidelines) are necessary to ensure a safe and fair environment for all players in the game. The Administration reserves the right to change these Rules without prior notice to the members of the community.

Moderation is used within the game, as well as within other official game channels (groups, discussions, etc.).

The following Guidelines are valid for all channels of communication, messages, and comments within the community groups.

Exercise mutual respect and avoid: 

  • Spam or flooding

  • Foul language

  • Using CAPS LOCK

  • Netiquette

  • Trolling/inciting strife

  • Provocative jokes, black humor

  • Deliberate provocation, racism, etc.

  • Discrimination

  • Advertising illegal activities

  • Spreading pornography or any other NSFW materials

  • Advertising or submitting links to other games

  • Fraud

  • Petitions and calls for game boycotts and/or in-game purchases boycotts

  • Using forbidden nicknames, signatures, and avatars, including those related to the game or administration

This list is not exhaustive. Other violations deemed incompatible with our five principles of fair play will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Play fairly and avoid:

  • Submitting links or in any other manner promoting cheats or third-party programs

  • Mentioning any illegal activities, including software piracy or any third-party intellectual property violations

  • Promoting ways to bypass the game mechanics in attempts to sell in-game resources

  • Impersonating Administration


 Respect privacy and avoid:

  • Infringing privacy of communication with administration or moderators

  • Sharing any personal information about other players


Keep your account secure and avoid:

  • Attempting to sell accounts


Take responsibility for actions that violated our Fair Play principles. We appoint moderators to monitor these Guidelines and empower them to take action in case of apparent violations. These actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Warning players about violations of these Guidelines

  • Hiding players’ messages in Kingdom chats

  • Muting players in the Kingdom chat temporarily

  • Muting players in the Kingdom chat permanently in case of repeated serious violations


You can always appeal to the Support regarding any case of chat access restriction if you deem that the moderator was unfair in his decision. You can also report a chat violation to Support if the moderator does not take appropriate actions. Please make sure to attach a screenshot of a violation in this case. 

Blacklisting a moderator may cause you to miss warnings.

If a player violates any of the listed Guidelines or our Terms of Service, Support agents may apply sanctions and take a list of measures as described in our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct provision, including the permanent suspension of the game account, even if the violation took place in the past. 

We shall do our best to keep our Community a safe and player-oriented environment; however, we will not be responsible for the independent moves of one player with an intention to harm another player.