Three Walls protect your City:

  • The Eastern City Wall
  • The Western City Wall
  • The City Gate

Walls are troops, just like your regular army, with a few differences:

  • You cannot add Walls to marches on your enemies.
  • Walls have 11 base initiative.
  • Walls have specific bonuses against all types of troop traits, i.e., flying, melee, ranged, and mounted units.

Whenever your enemy attacks your City directly, the Walls are the first unit to engage in battle. Upgrading your Walls increases how many troops they can house, thus increasing their damage. In battle, all three Walls act as one set of troops, so leveling up any one of them will increase your defense.


If an enemy attacks you through one of your portals on the Kingdom Map, the enemy troops will ignore your Walls even if they've been restored and are ready for battle. Instead, the enemy will engage your army directly or pillage your City if you have no troops protecting it.