To teleport your Clan Capital within your current Kingdom, you need to use the "Clan Capital teleporter" item. The level of the item needs to be the same as the current level of your Capital. I.e., you won't be able to teleport a level 25 Clan Capital using a level 24 Capital Teleporter item.

Follow the instructions below to teleport your Clan Capital.
  • Select the tile you'd like to move your Capital to, then click Teleport:
  • Purchase the necessary item and press Use. The higher the level of the Capital, the more the teleport item will cost.
  • Confirm the teleportation to the selected coordinates.

  • The Capital will be immediately teleported, and all Clan buildings around it will be archived. You can immediately place them on the new Clan territory by going to the "Teleport-ready Clan territories" section of the construction menu.
Clan Temples, Universities, Masons, Timber Harvesting buildings, and Foundries can be placed for free. However,it will always cost resources to place Clan Forts on the map; the farther away they are from the Capital, the more resources are needed.Members of your Clan will not be teleported along with the Capital.

If your Capital is in the process of being upgraded, it is strongly advised that you wait until the construction is complete. You cannot purchase teleport items of the level that the Capital is being upgraded to; you can only buy ones that correspond to its current level. Thus, if you purchase such an item while the upgrade is still in progress, then when you finish upgrading the Capital, the item will no longer be available, since the level of your Capital will have increased!