You can enhance any piece of equipment in your possession using gems and enchantments.
To socket a gem or enchantment, follow the steps below.
  • Open the menu of the item you wish to socket. Each piece of equipment has one enchantment slot and one gem slot. 
  • Click the gem or enchantment slot, then select the gem or enchantment that you wish to socket and confirm your choice.
  • If you wish to remove a gem later, you'll need to use a special item: Jeweler's Pincers. The higher the level of the gem, the higher the level of the pincers you must use to remove it.
  • Removing an enchantment is not possible. If you want to remove an enchantment, you must dispel it, but this will cause you to lose the piece of gear forever.

The only two ways to obtain enchantment scrolls are by completing daily quests or purchasing enchantment chests as part of game offers. The only way to obtain gems is by exploring rare Crypts.

You can obtain enchantments by purchasing them in the store or by completing daily jobs. You can get gems by exploring rare Crypts or crafting them using rare Flickering Dust.
In order to be able to socket gems and enchantments, you need to have researched the "Gem and enchantment socketing" technology in the Academy.