The VIP status grants players various development bonuses, such as:
    • Instant building construction completion under a certain remaining time
    • Instant daily quests completion
    • Increase in the number of daily quests available
    • All resource production
    • Tar production
    • World map resource harvesting speed
    • Construction speed
    • Research speed
    • Unit strength
    • Unit health
    • March speed

There are a total of 25 VIP levels. To upgrade your VIP level, you need to obtain VIP points. You can buy them for gold in the “Upgrade VIP status” window, draw them from clan chests, or purchase them as part of game offers. The higher your VIP level, the more points you need to upgrade. 
To add points to your VIP level, open the main menu and hit the "+" icon below your VIP level progress. Use relevant items from the menu that pops up next. You can use multiple VIP points items in the VIP points interface by pressing the >> button, a unique Premium feature.

To see which bonuses each VIP level grants, press the crown icon below your hero’s portrait on the resource panel and then press the “Level X VIP bonuses” section.

Your VIP status has time limits. If you want to check the remaining time of your VIP, press the crown icon. The icon will be glowing gold if your VIP is active or grey if not.

To activate or extend VIP status, press the “Extend” button in the middle of the screen and select any “VIP status” item available.