New in-game events are on the way, which require updates to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and EULA. We want to ensure you’re informed every step of the way:

  1. Account Management Enhancements: We’re introducing Account ID and Progress ID differentiation systems to enhance the way in which the account system is organized and make it easier for you to use your accounts. Each account will have a unique Account ID, and all progress within an account will be assigned a specific Progress ID. These improvements will make navigating the game smoother and provide a clear overview of your gaming journey.

  2. Linked Accounts and Event-Related Progress: We’re making transitioning between linked accounts and event-related progress more seamless than ever. Linked accounts will now be converted into separate channels of progress within your main account, ensuring a more unified gameplay experience. Event-related progress will be subject to the same policies as linked account conversions, ensuring fairness across the board.

Upcoming Changes to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and EULA: We understand the importance of transparency and clarity. Here’s a sneak peek at the changes you can expect:

  • Deletion: While you will still have the option to delete your entire account, you won’t be able to delete an individual instance of game progress. This ensures that we can manage your data in a comprehensive manner.

  • Linked Accounts: If you’ve linked multiple accounts in the past, they will automatically become separate instances of progress within your main account. Linked progress and event-related progress will remain interconnected, enriching your gaming journey and ensuring a smooth transition between different aspects of your gameplay.

  • Email Address Changes: Changing your account email will affect all instances of progress within your main account. You can’t change the email address for individual instances of progress.

  • Violations: Violations made within any instance of game progress, whether from a converted linked account or event-related progress, will lead to action being taken against your entire account. Ensuring a fair and respectful gaming environment is our priority.

Please note that once the updated policies are ready, you will be prompted to review and accept them when you log in to the game. This means that your continued use of our platform implies that you accept these changes. Kindly understand that your acceptance will be required in order for you to be able to access the game.

Thank you for being a valued member of our gaming family and get ready for even more thrilling adventures ahead.