Premium status should not be confused with VIP status. The Premium feature can only be purchased via the special Premium interface, underneath the "+" (bonuses) icon. It features unique bonuses and titles.

Premium grants you the following bonuses:

  • Instantaneous bulk combination of crafting materials, enchantments, and gems.
  • Instantaneous bulk opening of resource chests.
  • Instantaneous use of speedups to instantly complete any process, except for marches or Clan construction projects.

Furthermore, Premium status allows you to select one unique title from three available titles. These are:


  • Great Archaeologist
    • +100% experience gain in Crypts
    • +50% Crypt exploration efficiency
    • +50% Tar capacity
    • +100% march speed to Crypts


  • Great Marshal
    • +5 help from allies for army training
    • +25% army strength
    • +25% army health
    • +50% Silver production
    • +50% Food production


  • Great Ruler
    • +5 help from allies for technology research
    • +5 help from allies for City construction
    • +75% technology learning speed
    • +75% construction speed
    • +200% building resources production


Only one title can be active at a time. You can change your selected title once every 15 minutes.

You can purchase Premium in the unique interface. Press the glowing "P" icon below the "+" (bonuses) icon to open it.

Premium can be bought for seven days and can then be renewed.