The Premium status should not be confused with VIP. The Premium is a special feature that can only be purchased via special Premium interface (below the bonuses "+" icon). It grants unique capabilities and titles.

Premium grants you the following bonuses:

  • Instantaneous mass combination of craft materials, charms and gems.

  • Instantaneous mass opening of identical resource chests or resource bundles in the Warehouse.

  • Instantaneous use of relevant process speedups to instantly complete any process except for a march.

Furthermore, Premium status enables you to select one unique title out of three available. These are:

  • Great Archaeologist

    • +100% Experience gained in crypts
    • +50% Crypt Exploration Efficiency
    • +50% Tar Capacity
    • +100% March Speed to Crypts

  • Great Marshal

    • +5 Help from Allies for Army Training
    • +25% Army Strength
    • +25% Army Health
    • +50% Silver Production
    • +50% Food Production

  • Great Ruler

    • +5 Help from Allies for Technology Research
    • +5 Help from Allies for City Construction
    • +75% Technology learning speed
    • +75% Construction Speed
    • +200% Building Resources Production

Only one title can be activated at a time. You can change the title selected once in 20 hours.