Your hero is a great general commanding your marches and ruling your city. Much like captains, heroes are crucial to advance your development. Compared to captains, heroes have higher  Leadership, Authority, and Dominance parameters. They also have six equipment slots instead of three.

You can level up your hero by:
  • Attacking monster squads (including Rare monsters and unique Epic squads).
  • Attacking other players.
  • Using special experience chests purchased in limited offers.


The game features 15 hero avatars.

Hero NameBonus Trait(s)
AlrickMarches to your city take at least 4 hours without speed ups
Thaddeus+25% to maximum hero and captains leadership
Matemhain+200% strength and health of engineers. Walls restoration delay is reduced to 30 seconds
HaemonIn Haemon's city, clan bonuses are twice as effective
MerionesIncreases stats from a Hero's equipment full set by 1.5 times while in a battle
FaronGrey Eminence title: +900% bonus to delegates (calculated as current delegates * 10)
ThelensiaEvery 20 hours Thelensia receives a gift from her lovers
AyrinUnlimited march time. You can send marches to other kingdoms without inter-kingdom portals
Svyatogor+50% to strength and health of your troops under Svyatogor’s command in a march with no captains
RyjongArmy, Hero, and captains march speed is increased by two times
Guan YuIf your opponent's and your troops have the equal initiative in battle, you land first blow if your allies don't take part in battle
YamatoUpon successful scouting, Yamato kills a Hero from the city’s proprietor, the Hero cannot be revived for 20 minutes
NectariusSacred potions production per hour +250. Sacred potions maximum capacity +1500
GarvelBasic avatar
JuliaBasic avatar