Each time your hero gains a new level, he also gets talent points. The amount of talent points you get for one hero level follows a specific pattern and ranges within various level groups. Your hero’s cap is level 500.
Talent points are used to obtain new power-ups in your talent trees. Talents give various bonuses, including the ones that you cannot research in the Academy. There are four main talent branches:
    • Battle tactics
      • Grants various basic bonuses to regular troops.
    • Expert battle tactics
      • Grants various advanced bonuses based on unit traits.
    • Economics
      • Grants various bonuses to resource production, resource collection, tile bonuses, construction and research speed bonuses and caravan capacity.
    • Archaeology
    • Grants various bonuses to crypt exploration, tar production and tar capacity.
Talents always have effect on your hero, your army and your city, whatever the status or location of your hero. Most talents have 20 levels, i.e. the maximum amount of talent points you can spend on one talent is 20.
Researched talents can be reset and re-assigned with the help of “Reset talent points” item. You can buy this in the “Miscellaneous” section of your Warehouse for 18K gold, or you can purchase one within game offers.
You can reset talents directly in your hero talents menu.