Each time your Hero gains a new level, they get talent points. The talent points that you get for each Hero level follow a specific pattern and range within various level groups. Starting at Hero level 86, you get 10 talent points per level. The Hero's level cap is 500.
Some talent nodes in the four available branches feature unique bonuses that cannot be obtained in any other way.

Unique bonus

Battle Tactics
  • Chance to deal double damage
Expert Battle Tactics
  • Troop training speed
  • Army carrying capacity
  • Map tile bonus effect
  • Bonus XP in Crypts
Talents always affect your Hero, your army, and your City, regardless of the status or location of your Hero. Most talent nodes can be upgraded to level 20. Some only have one level, however.
Talents that you have researched can be reset and re-assigned using the "Reset Talent points" item. You can buy this item in the Miscellaneous section of your Items for 18K gold or purchase one as part of game offers.
You can reset talents in your Hero's talents menu.