New features:

  • Artifacts — new unique items that will make your Captains even stronger! Expected release date: end of November.

Interface update:

  • The visual elements of the Summoning Circle interface have been fully updated.
  • Testing of the new Shop interface for mobile devices has been completed. The updated version is now available to all players.

Requirements update:

  • We're increasing the minimum iOS version requirements for Apple mobile devices from 10 to 12. To continue playing Total Battle, you will need to update your device to iOS 12 or higher.


  • Indonesian localization has been added.

Fixes for technical issues:

  • The issue of missing progress when earning Clan medals by defeating epic squads in the Doomsday, Armageddon, and Shadow Invasion tournaments while outside of your own Kingdom has been fixed.
  • Mobile devices: The ability to leave a Clan while in an active Clan march, which subsequently caused various issues, has been rectified. You can no longer leave a Clan while a Clan march is active.
  • Sound playback issues when clicking on the Hero Talent research button on mobile devices have been fixed.