There are 11 captains in the game. Each has his own features:

  • Aydae

    • Bonus to guardsmen strength and health

  • Logos

    • Bonus to specialists' strength and health

  • Tengel

    • Bonus to march speed and march range

  • Proscope

    • Bonus to scout strength and health

  • Doria

    • Valor points bonus

  • Stror

    • Bonus to resource harvesting speed
    • Bonus to unit carrying capacity

  • Carter

    • Bonus to crypt exploration effectiveness
    • Bonus to maximum tar carried in a march

  • Dustan

    • Conquest points bonus

  • Ingrid

    • Bonus to strength and health of monsters

  • Brann

    • Bonus to strength and health of engineer corps

  • Ye Ho-Sung

    • Bonus to strength and health of melee

Captains Aydae, Logos and Tengel are available for recruitment upon completing the game tutorial. All other captains require relevant research to be carried out in the Academy.

Captains' cap level is 500 (except Doria and Dustan, whose level cap is currently 300): the same as for your hero. However, captains' bonuses rise in proportion with their level, while your hero's unique bonus does not.