Captains are unique warriors who lead marches to monsters, crypts, and resource-harvesting points on the world map. Captains’ Leadership, Authority, Dominance, and Might are lower than your hero's. They also have three equipment slots instead of six.

You need captains to progress in the game and advance your development.
There are more ways to level up captains than heroes:
  • You can attack a monster squad (except for Rare and Heroic ones).
  • You can attack other players.
  • You can explore crypts - the higher the crypt level, the more experience you gain.
  • You can use special experience chests purchased in limited offers.
The most efficient ways are attacking monster squads or other players.

There are 26 unique captains in the game.


CleopatraStrength of entire army
Ramses IIHealth of entire army
MinamotoStrength and health of ranged
Wu ZeitanStrength and health of flying
LeonidasStrength and health of melee
AlexanderStrength and health of mounted
HerculesStrength and health of army against epic monsters
BrunhildStrength and health of flying
AmanitoreStrength and health of army in group marches, raids, and reinforcements
  • Crypt exploration efficiency
  • Tar capacity
AydaeGuardsmen's strength and health
LogosSpecialists' strength and health
TengelMarch speed and march range
ProscopeScout strength and health
DoriaValor points bonus
  • Resource harvesting speed
  • Army carrying capacity
DustanConquest points bonus
IngridStrength and health of monsters
BrannStrength and health of engineer corps
Ye Ho-SungStrength and health of melee
BernardStrength and health of ranged
LuciusStrength and health of mounted
Xi Guiying
  • Strength of ranged units
  • Scouts' strength
SofiaHealth of entire army
FarhadResearch speed
AuroraConstruction speed



You can get more captains by summoning them in the summoning circle or purchasing offers in the Triumphal Challenge shop.

The captain's cap level is 500. Note, though, that Doria's, Carter's, and Dustan's bonuses will stop growing after level 300.